Kevin – A Short Story

          Another short story, shared in a blog post


Another short story.

Lips of blood red 

A piece of poetry from my creative writing class.

Where Was Batman? 

Docu-Fiction based on the 2012 Colorado Shooting.

Some of my short stories can also be accessed here: Writer’s Cafe



Unit of work for Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book

A unit of work written for an English class in Australian school grade 9/10

Stress and its effects as a result of Bipolar Disorder

An essay I wrote for university about how Bipolar disorder can create stress and interventions to treating stress

Boutique Agriculture Research Paper

In summer 2011, I participated in a group research project looking into Boutique Agriculture in the area of Orange in NSW.

Teacher’s Information Booklet: All Students Deserve Schooling: A Teacher’s Guide to Including Students with ASD 

A booklet created by myself and Ruth Smith in 2012 to direct teachers in including students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the classroom.

Book Reviews

Movie Reviews

Game Reviews



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